Cold Flu or Allergy? How to tell the difference

So you woke up this morning not feeling so well. Is it a cold flu or allergy? The reason you really want to know is so you can decide how to treat it. There are hundreds of OTC (over-the-counter) medicines that name themselves 'nighttime cold medicine' for different symptoms. How do you choose the right remedies for your condition unless you know the difference between cold flu or … more... about Cold Flu or Allergy? How to tell the difference

Stung by a Stingray?

We are Stingray Pros at Oceanside Urgent Care. We treat your stingray bite/sting immediately, reduce your pain, and remove any lingering stingray spine tissue. Our office is located right on Hwy 101, the Pacific Coast Hwy in Oceanside CA. We have LOTS of experience with stingray and jellyfish stings because we are the only Oceanside Urgent Care so close to the beach. “the stingrays are out in f … more... about Stung by a Stingray?