Bronchitis is a common lung infection which can be an extended complication of  cold or flu virus, which are contagious. Initially it may be difficult to figure out which it is  because some symptoms cross over. Bronchitis Features a Persistent Cough Cough is probably the initial symptom that can tell you whether you have a cold, flu or bronchitis, Your brachial tubes become inflamed and e … more... about Bronchitis

Flu Shot: Get Yours in October

The CDC has released flu shot vaccine guidelines for this year's (2019-2020) flu season, which starts in earnest around the beginning of November. It takes about two weeks for a flu vaccine to give you full protection, so you want to get your flu shot before the end of October. It’s really important that you do give the vaccine time to settle in. Flu season really starts to ramp up in October and … more... about Flu Shot: Get Yours in October